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Women’s Futsal Supa-Liga A

Womens Futsal Supa-Liga A will be played on Saturday morning/afternoons and is for players and teams who wish to play Futsal at an elite level. Women’s Futsal Supa-Liga will be held over a 20 week period, followed by semi finals and finals. Have you got what it takes…??? Nominate NOW!!



PHONE – 0431 544 550   or   EMAIL – doc@westcoastfutsal.org.au 

Women’s Futsal Supa-Liga A Series VIII:

Saturday July 1 – ALL STAR GAMES

12:00 – Women’s game
13:30 – Men’s game

Women’s Futsal Supa-Liga A Competition:
Prize Pool: Premiers $200 Cash & Medals, (Final Winners) $350 Cash & Trophies & (Final Runners Up) $150 Cash & Medals
Individual Awards: MVP, Golden Boot, Golden Gloves, Rookie of the season, Grand-Final MVP
Game Times: 10:00 am – 5:00 pm
Venue: Kingsway Indoor Stadium, 130 Kingsway, Madeley

ALL-STARS: Players from the various teams will be selected for an ALL-STAR REPRESENTATIVE MATCH

The Rules (Series VIII):

1. Team Nomination $120

2. Match Fees $90 per team per game

3. All teams must wear Matching Uniforms (Jersey, Shorts & Socks)

4. All Players must wear Shin Pads (No Shin Pads – No Play)

5. Forfeit Fee – $180 (Both teams Court Fees)

6. Each Team receives 1 time out / game

7. To play finals a player must play a minimum of 5 round games

8. All games to be played on the International Sized Court

9. Play Hard, Play Fair

10. The Referees decision is Final!

11. Draw request: Must be communicated with a minimum 2 weeks notice


A) Players wishing to change clubs during a Supa-Liga season must do so BEFORE the halfway point of the seasons fixtures.

B) The Captain of the team they are leaving must agree to the transfer.

C) The team they are transferring to must pay an agreed upon transfer fee up to the value of one match fee ($90) to the players initial club.

D) This fee must be paid in full to the Supa-Liga Manager to transfer the player, before they take the court for their new club, if this does not occur, the team will be deemed to have fielded an ineligible player and forfeit any matches they play in until the fee is finalised.

E) Players can only transfer between Supa-Liga clubs once during a single Supa-Liga season.

F) Players must have played 5 games for their new club in order to be eligible for the finals.

Previous Finalists:
Series 1: Barney FC Def Venus FC
Series 2: Hollywood Cobras Def South Perth Pumas
Series 3: Scarborough Sharks Def Mt Lawley Hawks
Series 4: South Perth Def Hollywood Cobras
Series 5: South Perth 4 Def Sharks 2
Series 6: South Perth 2 Def Scarborough Sharks 1 – GF MVP – Jess Lindquist
MVP – Kayla McCulloch, Golden Boot – Ange Cheaib, Golden Gloves – Mel De Leon
Series 7: South Perth 2 Def Scarborough Sharks 0 – Grand-Final MVP Betti Worth
League MVP – Zoee Spadano, Golden Boot – Ange Cheaib, Golden Gloves – Karla Edwards, Rookie of the season – Emily Casella


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