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The rules below are for junior and social competitions. To find out what by-laws apply at your club please contact your night manager. Futsal Supa-Liga will be played using the Official FIFA Laws of the Game, for further information regarding the Supa-Liga rules please see the document on the relevant Supa-Liga page (Youth, Supa-Liga B, Supa-Liga A).

1. The game of Futsal is played on a court.

2. A team consists of 5 players; 4 court players and 1 goalkeeper. A maximum of 12 players can be recorded on a team official ‘Nomination Form’.

3. All games must start with each team having a minimum of 4 players on the court. If a team cannot field 4 players to start the game, they must forfeit.

4. Unlimited ‘flying’ substitutes: Players can re-enter the game as many times without notifying the referee, this includes the goalkeeper. Substitutions must take place at half way.  The exiting player/s must be completely off the court before the substitution can take place.

5. From a kick off the ball must be played forward.

6. There is NO offside.

7. When the ball goes out over the sideline, a kick-in takes place. The ball must be placed stationary on the sideline and kicked in. All opposing players must be at least 5 metres from the ball.

8. For a ball to be out of play or a goal scored, ‘ALL’ of the ball must be over ‘ALL’ of the line.

9. There is a 4 second time limit at kick ins, corner kicks, free kicks and goal clearance.

10. A goal CANNOT be scored directly from a kick in unless it touches another player.

11. A player can score direct from a corner.

12. Players are not allowed to play at the ball whilst on the ground, except for the goalkeeper who can only do so within the goal ‘D’.

13. NO slide tackling.

14. Dangerous play is NOT allowed.

15. For every ‘Direct’ foul after the fifth in one half of the game, the team that the free kick is awarded to is
given a 10-metre penalty.  (This is an official FIFA rule introduced to stop foul play.)

16. The first penalty mark is 6 metres from the goal line and the second penalty mark is 10 metres.

17. The goalkeeper CANNOT throw, dropkick or punt kick the ball over 2/3’s of the court.

18. Goalkeepers throw the ball from the marked goal area (D), to restart from a goal clearance. If they have saved the ball in general play at which time they can also drop or punt kick in accordance with rule 17 above.

19. The goalkeeper has a 4 second time limit to release the ball unless they are in the opposing half of the
court, at which they have unlimited time.

20. Goalkeepers are NOT allowed to pick up a pass from any of their team mates (back pass).

21. Once a goalkeeper has released the ball from their possession, they may not receive it back unless it has been over the half way line or been touched by an opposing player (2 touch rule).

22. During the game, the referee has the option of using 2 disciplinary cards – yellow and red. If a player receives a red card, that player is immediately expelled from the game.

23. Referees have the right to warn, ask to leave or eject from the stadium any player or spectator whom they feel is bringing the game to disrepute.

24. The referee’s decision is FINAL.

25. Social Mixed Rule Only – Two females must be on the court at all times.

26. Social Mixed Rule Only – Once a male scores a goal, a female must score next, at half time this resets and anyone can score. In finals, if the game goes into extra time, it also resets.

27. Social Mixed Rule Only – Own-goals: If a male or female player is passing the ball, and it is deflected into the goal by an opponent it is classed as an own goal, and whoever was required to score next, is still required to score. If the male player is shooting at goal, even if there is a deflection, it is no goal, but the ball restarts with a goal throw. If a female playing is shooting at goal and there is a deflection, it goes down as a female goal and a male can score next.

28. The Finals Rules:
All players must play a minimum of 5 group games to be eligible for finals  (match sheets will be checked)
In the event of a draw after normal time, a 5 minutes extra time period will be played (golden goal)
Should the game still be drawn then a penalty shootout (best of 3) shall decide the outcome
(iv) Should the game still be tied, then a sudden death penalty shootout will decide the winner


# If the situation arises where a team is unable to field a team on the date and time when their match is scheduled this match will be deemed to be forfeited.
# It will be the responsibility of the team that is forfeiting the match to advise the night manager at the respective centre, NO LESS than 24 hours prior to the commencement of fixtures for that date.
# If the team that is forfeiting the match fails to fulfill the obligation set out above then that team will be penalised the amount of 1 match fee.
That team will be required to pay the penalty prior to their next scheduled game.
# If the team that is forfeiting the match does fulfill the requirements set out above (ie. gives no less than 24 hours notice), that team shall incur no monetary penalty unless this is repeated and deemed excessive.
# The team that has been forfeited against will receive 3 points and the score is recorded as a 3-0 win.


# Borrowed players cannot be from a team in the higher division on the same night otherwise the team borrowing shall forfeit the match.
# No team can borrow more than 1 player and can only make up to a team of 5 (i.e. no substitutes). If a team mate arrives late the fill in Player must cease playing.
# All borrowed players MUST be registered
# A borrowed player is a player not on the official Team Nomination Form lodged at the start of every season


# Players must be registered to compete in any West Coast Futsal competition or sanctioned event.
# Registered players can compete in any West Coast Futsal competition and play more than once a week.
# Players cannot compete in more than one team within the same age category or division within a competition.  However, a player can play up in age groups or divisions.
# Only players whose names appear on the official match sheet, prior to the commencement of the second half are eligible to play. A maximum of 12 players per team.
# To be eligible for finals a player must have taken the court for a minimum of five (5) round robin games and been on the match sheet for those particular games.
# A player nominated to a team in the highest division on a competition night are unable to compete in a lower division on the same night of competition.
# A Female or Female team may play one age group down where there is not enough teams to form a Female only league. (As of October 1st, 2019)
# A minimum of 2 state players permitted per social team. If you have 3 or more state players your team must play the next age group up. (As of October 1st, 2019)
# Any State teams playing in social leagues must play the next age group up. Ie: A 13’s boys state team must play in the 15’s boys competition. (As of October 1st, 2019)


This Wet Weather Policy shall apply to West Coast Futsal run outdoor venues. In the event that games are to be postponed due to the weather all team captains will be notified immediately who intern let their respective team mates know. A final decision on postponing games will be made at 4:00 pm (Junior Games) and 5:00 pm (Senior Games) on the day of the games. This will also occur should unexpected weather conditions set in during the course of the night.


Play by the Rules

# Never argue with the referee or official. If you disagree, have your captain, coach or manager approach the official during the break or after the competition. Nothing can be gained by abusing officials of the club. Remember the rulebook states the referee is always right.
# Control your temper. Verbal abuse of officials and sledging other players, deliberately distracting or provoking an opponent are not acceptable or permitted behaviour in any sport.
# Work equally hard for yourself and your team. Your team’s performance will benefit, and so will you. Be a good sport. Applaud all good plays, whether your team or the opposition makes them.
# Treat all participants in your sport, as you like to be treated. Do not bully or take unfair advantage of another competitor.
# Co-operate with your coach, teammates and opponents. Without them there would be no competition. Participate for your own enjoyment and benefit, not just to please parents and coaches.
# Respect the rights, dignity and worth of all participants regardless of their gender, ability, cultural background, sexuality or religion.
# West Coast Futsal Association reserves the right to remove any player or spectator from its competitions or centres whose behaviour is not in keeping with its values and standards.


Our commitment:

West Coast Futsal Association is committed to providing a safe environment for participation. Aggressive, threatening or other inappropriate behaviour by members, their families, their friends, and other sporting personnel while attending a game or event will not be tolerated.

These behaviours are outlined in our Code of Behaviour and specifically include:

* using bad language

* harassing or ridiculing players, coaches, officials or other spectators

* making racist, religious, sexist or other inappropriate comments to players, coaches, officials or other spectators

* any threatening behaviour or physical altercation between spectators and players, coaches, officials or other spectators

* putting undue pressure on children, berating them or putting down their performance

* drinking at a game or training or being drunk at a club event.

What we ask you to do

* Help create a positive atmosphere for players, officials and other spectators by showing respect for players, officials and other spectators.

* Abide by our club’s Code of Behaviour and refrain from using bad language, harassing or ridiculing others or behaving in a threatening or violent manner.

* If you are aware of inappropriate spectator behaviour and you feel confident to do so, speak with the person and ask them to stop. If there is a ground official or committee member present, ask for their assistance.

* Report any inappropriate spectator behaviour to the club president or someone in a position of authority.

* Call the police or a club official if you are concerned for your safety or the safety of others.


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