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Welcome to the 2021 West Coast School Futsal Titles!

The Australasian Schools Futsal (five-a-side-soccer) Champion of Champions has been running annually in the eastern states for more than 20 years. In 2020 over 2000 school teams competed for a position to play in these championships.

In 2015 the West Coast School Futsal Titles gave students from  Western Australia their first opportunity to compete against other schools from the region with a view to qualifying for the Australasian School Futsal Championships.

The 2020 edition included two components, thanks to the emergence of Covid-19, a central edition and then a North of the River edition later in the year, with over one hundred and fifty teams in total. 2021 will have a third component with central, North and then South components.

This championship will provide opportunities for school age players outside of the tournament itself.

  1. Selection in representative teams to compete at the National School Futsal Championships
  2. Consideration for international representative opportunities through West Coast Futsal to Spain and Japan, these will be by invitation only and in exceptional circumstances only.

The cost is $140 per team and SHIN PADS ARE COMPULSORY, NO SHIN PADS, NO PLAY.

For the first time, competitions are based on year levels.

First kick-off will be 9am, last kick-off around 2pm. Provisional dates and age groups below:

CENTRAL – Venue: Lords Recreation Centre, 5 Wembley Ct, Subiaco, WA 6008

Tuesday – 09/03/2021 – 9th March
Wednesday – 10/03/2021 – 10th March

Thursday – 11/03/2021 – 11th March

NORTH OF THE RIVER – Venue: Kingsway  Indoor Stadium, 130 Kingsway Rd, Madeley WA 6065

Monday – 15/03/2021 – 15th March
Tuesday – 16/03/2021 – 16th March

Wednesday – 17/03/2021 – 17th March

Thursday – 18/03/2021 – 18th March

Friday 19/03/2021 – 19th March

SOUTH OF THE RIVER – Venue: Cockburn ARC, 31 Veterans Parade, Cockburn, WA 6164

Tuesday – 23/03/2021 – 23rd March
Wednesday – 24/03/2021 –
 24th March


The tournament by-laws and the nomination form is available below to download. Once you’ve completed the online registration and finalised your teams, please fill out one tab per team and send the Excel nomination document for your school back to me.

To register your school teams please click here and complete the registration.

Schools Nom Form


Greg Farrell – Development Manager/School Program Coordinator

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