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Tuesday Night Futsal is for the more Social Teams. On offer is the more relaxed Men’s C & D grade competitions. We encourage all teams to just have ‘FUN’ and ‘ENJOY’ themselves. Games are played on artificial grass under lights. Teams enjoy a great atmosphere playing outdoors and have the added benefits of a licensed club next door. Sporties Futsal Club caters for all age groups, skill levels and abilities for male & female, juniors & seniors so why not get a group of friends together from school, work or social club and have some fun playing Futsal? For more information or to nominate yourself or team please contact us on the details below.

A: 2 Stancliffe St, Mt Lawley
P: 0432 745 140 
E: [email protected] 

** NEW COMPS START 27/04/2021 **

Game Times: All senior game times will consist of 2 x 18 minute halves
Cost to Play: $65 / team (Seniors) – as of 1st October, 2020
Team Nomination Fee: $65 / team (Valid to 30th Sept, 2021)
Pre Pay Match Fees: Pay your season fees upfront to and receive one game for free. Pre-payment must be received within the first four weeks of the new season starting
Forfeit Rule: A team must provide a minimum of 24 hours notice if forfeiting a game. If this does not happen, the team will have to pay a one match fee penalty ($65) at the teams next game
Shin Pads: Please note that SHIN PADS and SOCKS covering the shin pads is compulsory. Shin pads and socks are for sale at the Club if anyone forgets to bring them on the night. NO SHIN PADS, NO PLAY!
Draw: The complete Draw, Game Times, Table & Results can be found on the Website. Should any changes to game times occur your team Captain will be notified.
Wet Weather: In the event that games are to be postponed due to the weather all team captains will be notified immediately who intern let their respective team mates know. A final decision on postponing games will be made at 5:00 pm (Senior Games) on the day of the games. This will also occur should unexpected weather conditions set in during the course of the night.
Finals: To be eligible for finals a player must have played a minimum 5 group games. Match Sheets will be checked!


New Season – 27/04/2021:

ROUND 1 – 27/04/2021
6:20: Show me Da Mane vs Mark Tucker U20
7:00: The Poison vs The Mongrels
7:40: Brasil FC vs Hardly Athletic
BYE: Chamakh My Pitch

ROUND 2 – 04/05/2021
6:20pm: Chamakh My Pitch vs The Mongrels
7:00pm: Hardly Athletic vs The Poison
7:40pm: Show me Da Mane vs Brazil FC

ROUND 3 – 11/05/2021
6:20pm: Show Me Da Mane vs The Mongrels
7:00pm: Chamakh My Pitch vs Hardly Athletic
7:40pm: Brazil FC vs The Poison


ROUND 1 – 27/04/2021
7:00: Lock Stock vs Not Sure yet
7:40: Kia Pregios vs The Great Guys
BYE: Golden Boys
BYE: The Stinkers

ROUND 2 – 04/04/2021
6:20pm: Not Sure Yet vs Golden Boys
7:00pm: Kia Pregios vs Stinkers
7:40pm: Lock Stock vs The Great Guys


*** LOVE THIS FUTSAL..!! *** 

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